RV Bathroom Remodel

I cannot believe I haven’t done a post since April! Wow! We sure have gotten busy!! So much has happened in the last six months, but I will cover more of that every week from here on out. Pinky Promise!

So I went out shopping with the kids one day and came home to find that my husband had ripped down the walls of the shower. Needless to say, I was shocked. I could not understand why he would do this so randomly and all he said was that it had been bothering him for awhile.

This project took a solid 4 months to complete, which seemed like forever. It took so long because Nick works full-time and we spent the entire month of July on a cross-country road trip (yes, I will definitely be posting about that later!).

So here is what the shower looked like in the beginning:

It was fully-functional, but the caulk kept cracking and the walls were poorly applied as you can see from the clearly visible glue lines underneath. Another reason we wanted to remodel was because I wanted to replace the showerhead with one of the water saving “Oxygenic” ones.

Here is a picture that was taken after Nick started removing the walls.

Part Two: Rebuilding the frame of the shower

I was surprised that building the framework came so naturally for Nick. He had to do minimal research and made all of the storage more useable in the process. He even built the linen cabinet shelves into the wall slanted at an angle so the towels won’t fall out every time we move anymore! yay!

He also rebuilt the cleaning supplies cabinet so that there was more space for my stuff, creating 2 extra ledges that are 3 inches or so in width where there would have been wasted space.

Once the frame was up, the process was stalled due to the road trip. This was frustrating for me, honestly, because it meant that we were coming home from vacation to a torn up bathroom, but he got the walls up and finished the remodel within a month of returning home.

The only trouble we had beyond that point was the caulk. We struggled to find a caulk that didn’t crack once there was weight in the tub, which lead us to discover that the floor dips with the weight of the tub. Nick fixed this problem by putting this expanding spray under the tub that hardened and currently supports it nicely.

The finished product:

The new showerhead is amazing, by the way!

More RV Remodel posts to come:

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  • Living Room Slide Out
  • “Recycling Center”

Thanks for reading, guys!