Kid’s Indoor Activities: The Small-Space Edition!

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I don’t know about you guys, but here, in California, it has been raining ALOT in the last few weeks (this last week was surprisingly dry though – woohoo!). This has had me scrambling to come up with fun and interesting things for Rosie and I to do indoors.

Now, Pinterest is an amazing place where you can find a multitude of awesome kid’s activities, but I was noticing that many of the best ones required a large space to work with. We do not have that. I found myself wondering what some of the other small-space dwelling moms come up with in these situations. So I asked them! Here are some of the best that I found.

Crazy Family Adventure

FamilyPicatMountWashburnThis incredible family of six originally inspired me to believe that my family would love full-time RVing as well. They travel the country in their motorhome and absolutely love it! Bryanna told me about a few of their go-to indoor games and the one that really stood out to me was their “Storytelling” game. She describes it as having the kids answer a bunch of questions that will create the story, such as “Is the character a boy or girl?” “Where are they?” “What are they doing?” and then mom or dad (or both) tell the story. Another way they play this game, is to take turns telling pieces of the story to create something completely unique and extraordinary. I tried this with my older daughter and she had a blast! This is a great indoor, rainy-day activity because it encourages closeness in a fun and silly way!

This family has the most incredible adventures! They can be followed at:  Their Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram

Haff Ass Farm

IMG_0194Tennyson, with her husband and little Jasper, lives in a Tiny Cabin!! So cool, right?! They run a small-scale farmstead where they grow and make things traditionally.  Tennyson tells me that they use Waldorf-inspired activities to keep Jasper entertained when the weather requires them to stay indoors. They like to bake bread together! Tennyson said “its a great way to introduce math to children and it lets them get the opportunity to learn through a tactile method. And at the end of the day, they get to contribute to dinner and eat something they made. It is a great confidence builder and a way to make your little one feel as though they have a big role in the family”.  You are so very right, Tennyson! We will be giving this a shot ASAP 🙂

You can follow the Haff Ass Farm’s awesome farming endeavors at: Facebook Instagram

Lil House On The Highway

12784480_10156630437540444_1423081661_nAbigail from Lil House On the Highway, with her husband and their two small children, are full-time RVers as well. Abigail says that her kids love Trains! No matter how small your house is, there is always room for a train track of some size and Trains are so cool.  This suggestion was revolutionary for me because getting a train track had never crossed my mind. We are going to surprise Sophie with one for her next birthday. Unfortunately, with the ever-changing technology providing kids with screens for every occasion,  Trains are going out of style. This is incredibly sad and I say we bring Trains back into fashion! Whose with me?! 🙂

Follow Lil House on the Highway’s adventures: Facebook YouTube Instagram

12694547_10153274908847793_841334106053472939_oFor our family, we spend quite a bit of time playing dress up when we are cooped up inside, but I think “The Toywash” is our most favorite indoor activity. Whenever the kids start to get antsy about being inside, we gather up all the hard toys and toss them in the sink with some warm water and bubbles. This activity keeps them busy long after the water goes cold. Another go-to activity is “Where’s Bear?”. Both of my girls have a bear that is their best friend so we take turns hiding the bear somewhere. It’s like Hide and Seek 🙂 Anything that involves water or bears is always a big hit in our house.

Finding awesome indoor activities for kids who live in small spaces can be challenging at times. This is why it is so exciting when we think of something new and interesting for our kids to do.

What kind of games do your little ones play when they are stuck inside? I would love to hear about it!


Don’t Wake The Kids Workout

Don't Wake The Kids Workout

Do you struggle to find workout time in your busy life too? Lately, with my Freelance Writing business taking off and keeping up with social media for my blog, I have been neglecting my fitness a bit. I do not feel right if I go more than 2 days without a workout and last week I let myself skip workouts for 4!!! Not cool, Chelsea! Since I am always so  busy, it seems like the only time I get during the day when I’m not busy is during Rosie’s nap time. So I created this Quiet workout. It really works all those muscles and gets me sweating with just two rounds!! (so i usually go 3) Just repeat according to your own fitness level 🙂

For maximum results:

  1. Push Yourself! If you think you can only do 2 rounds – try for 3
  2. Drink at least 16 oz a half hour before you start
  3. Get that protein in after – greek yogurt, turkey lunch meat, or a hard-boiled egg are my go-to protein snacks
  4. Put on your favorite show or some music. It goes so much faster if you are half-distracted from the burning muscles. I literally can’t workout if it is totally quiet!

I hope this is helpful! 🙂 Please consider subscribing to our blog if you haven’t yet!