Don’t Wake The Kids Workout

Don't Wake The Kids Workout

Do you struggle to find workout time in your busy life too? Lately, with my Freelance Writing business taking off and keeping up with social media for my blog, I have been neglecting my fitness a bit. I do not feel right if I go more than 2 days without a workout and last week I let myself skip workouts for 4!!! Not cool, Chelsea! Since I am always so  busy, it seems like the only time I get during the day when I’m not busy is during Rosie’s nap time. So I created this Quiet workout. It really works all those muscles and gets me sweating with just two rounds!! (so i usually go 3) Just repeat according to your own fitness level 🙂

For maximum results:

  1. Push Yourself! If you think you can only do 2 rounds – try for 3
  2. Drink at least 16 oz a half hour before you start
  3. Get that protein in after – greek yogurt, turkey lunch meat, or a hard-boiled egg are my go-to protein snacks
  4. Put on your favorite show or some music. It goes so much faster if you are half-distracted from the burning muscles. I literally can’t workout if it is totally quiet!

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How to Set Healthy Rules to Live By

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When I first decided that I wanted to try to lose some weight, I was 60 pounds over my pre-baby#1 weight and had no idea where to start. So, of course, I started with Pinterest. I researched like a mad woman. I was surprised to find that I knew almost nothing about healthy eating and working out. I kind of thought it was a no-brainer, if I eat less, I will lose weight. Well, growing up in a family of big meat and pasta fans, I never really learned how to portion control or structure my meals without bread or pasta. There is a wealth of valuable information on Pinterest about how to eat healthy, but I still struggle with making good choices on a daily basis. The biggest issue I had in the beginning though was following the “diet” guidelines. I tried tons of different diets and just couldn’t stick to them. They were too complex and the cooking was too advanced for me. It wasn’t until 6 months into my journey (and starting over 6 or 7 times) that I realized the problem was all of the plans I was following. They weren’t working for me because they were made to fit someone else. It was then that I sat down and made my own plans. Now everytime I start to get bored with my routine or fall off the wagon, I change my rules, but I always follow the same guidelines.

The plan I follow is simple. I always set only 10 rules, this way I don’t get overwhelmed with all of them.  I make the first 4 rules easy health rules that I have trouble following like “drink 8 glasses of water a day”, “veggies and fruits every day”, or “workout at least 3x a week”. These are more of a reminder of what I should be doing. Then I set 3 rules that target my weaknesses. Some examples are “no second helpings”, “stay away from white bread”, “no ramen noodles”. This is where I usually address unhealthy habits I have been letting myself fall into. The last 3 rules I focus on are challenges, a few I have done in the past were “no alcohol”, “work out 6 days a week”, and “run 3 times a week”.

IMG_3770The part about setting your own rules that is the most important is posting them up somewhere in your house where you will see them all the time. I put mine on my fridge or my pantry door, but in the past, I have put them up on my motivation board too. If you do not have a motivation board yet, you should consider making one. Even in my tiny home, I have one set up by my front door so I see it right away when I step out of my bedroom and when I am walking out of my house. The picture to the left is my motivation board, I print off inspiring things I find online and change them up every couple of months.  I have also seen people who post their healthy rules in their planners, journals, and the lock screen of their phones.

I truly believe that taking the time to create and write down your own rules can be the turning point of your journey like it was for me. Living a healthy lifestyle is tough, but it can be done and moderation of unhealthy things is easier when you have a plan to follow.