March Mini-Adventure: Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town

Now, just to clarify, we originally went to Sacramento for the weekend so I could do the Peace, Love, Run 10k. I got my shirt and number, I was all ready to run, but I turned my alarms off in my sleep and we missed it!!! UGGGGG!! Still mad about it.

20160325_140712The best part about the weekend was the trip out to Fairytale Town. If you are in Sacramento with kids, you cannot miss this place. It was basically a giant playground. All the areas were different with slides and climbing equipment.

20160325_143216There was a small fee to get in, but it was definitely worth it! The kids had so much fun and were totally worn out by the time we left. The best part was Owl’s Treehouse. They literally went up those steep stairs and down the slide like 12 times before I said we had to move on.

20160325_133052Only downside was that they had snowcones and I didn’t get one. :'(


The kids also really enjoyed staying in the hotel. I swear the hotel room was as big as our house!! We all stayed up until 11 pm watching Rocket Power (hadn’t seen that show in like 15 years!!)


Despite the disappointment of missing my race, it was a great little family getaway!MONDAYS

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