Strength Training at Home! *dumbbells needed*

Strength Training from Home


So, I wrote this strength training workout plan up for one of my super besties. Upon completing it, it occurred to me that like 3 other people have asked me to help them create workout routines in the last year so I figured I would throw this out there for anyone else that is interested in Strength Training at home.

Many people think that you can only do strength training at the gym and the gym IS great because they have equipment that most people can’t have at home, but when I first started out on my journey, I wanted nothing to do with exercising in public. Now, I just prefer working out at home, most of the time, because I don’t have to go anywhere and my shower is like ten feet away when I’m finished 🙂

Keep in mind that most of this workout uses your body weight so you have to put serious effort into it and I recommend looking up proper form for these exercises before beginning to avoid injuries.

For maximum results:

  1. Work hard!
  2. Post-workout protein is essential.
  3. Have fun *I do these types of workouts while I’m feeding my Netflix habit ;)*

If anybody has ANY questions, message me on Facebook! I would love to help you either build your own workout or answer questions you have regarding this one.

P.S. Don’t forget to stretch before and after!

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