Fairy Falls Family Hike


After that first family hike out in Nevada City, Sophie’s favorite phrase for days was “Can we go on another adventure, please!?” So at the suggestion of our friend De’Etta at Courageous Joy, we decided to try the Fairy Falls Hike since it is only a few miles away and she had detailed instructions on how to find it on her blog (link at end).


Fairy Falls 1

Now when I originally read the post, I didn’t notice that she said how long it was because I was concentrating on directions to the parking spot. This hike was extremely challenging for our little ones, but it was so worth it!!


Fairy Falls 3

It was a gorgeous day – sunny, but not too hot! The hike was incredible because the scenery changes like every mile! You spend quite a bit of it walking down a dirt road.


Fairy Falls 23 Fairy Falls 21

Little Rosebud fell asleep while being carried on the way out there. This made the trip even more challenging. We considered giving up before we even reached the falls, but we decided to make peace with the fact that we were going to end up carrying toddlers, instead. I’m so glad we did!

Fairy Falls 7



Fairy Falls 2Once past the long dirt road, we came to a metal gate. At this point, we started passing people. Quite a few in fact. The gate led into a cow pasture. This was really interesting for the girls because the cows were so close to us. Nick and I were nervous though so we held them and tried to give the cows a decent amount of space as we passed them.


Fairy Falls 8Fairy Falls 9About a mile later, we came to a small sign that stood at the juncture of 3 paths. We decided to take the middle one because, by the looks of the sign, all 3 led to the falls. This middle path was beautiful, but the hiking was rough at points. There was a point when we were pretty much crawling along the path because it was very steep and slanted into a ravine.

Upon clearing the deeper woods, we found ourselves on an open trail. This was the last stretch to the falls. It sure was pretty!!


Fairy Falls 10

We still do not know if we were at the top of the falls or the middle.


Fairy Falls 17Fairy Falls 16

Unfortunately, we did not reach the bottom of the falls, but only because the rest of the trail was carved into the side of the hill and it was not fenced. It looked a little too dangerous for a 2 and 3-year-old.



Fairy Falls 14Fairy Falls 13

We ate our lunch at the spot right next to the falls and played on some of the rocks by the fenced area. The girls loved it!! I would really like to tackle this hike again someday when the kids are much older.


Overall, this was an awesome trip to despite how challenging the hiking got at certain points. Sophie is already begging to go on another adventure!


Fairy Falls 19

Our friends at Courageous Joy have perfect directions to this spot that can be found here. 🙂 Thanks, De’Etta,  for suggesting we try this hike!!

Fairy Falls 6Fairy Falls 20

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  1. De'Etta @ Courageous Joy says:

    YIKES we didn’t do that middle trail. LOL I know that there is an “easy” trail and the one we took up wasn’t it. LOL I had forgotten how long it is….sorry about that….but glad you had a good time. I loved picnicking at the top. We are going to have to do that again before we leave the area.

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