Culinary Passport

Though I’m sure the concept of a Culinary Passport is pretty self-explanatory, I will explain how I came up with the idea. A few months ago, I was realizing that every time my family and I went out to eat we would go somewhere that we knew we loved like Perkins or Red Lobster and though we were almost always satisfied with the meal, I was never trying anything new. So I started the Culinary Passport to challenge myself to try new places and foods that I wouldn’t normally try. The first place we went to was a total bust. It was a breakfast style eatery that ended up having exceptionally bland food and very rude waitresses. It almost discouraged me from trying new food all together. However, the second place I went to was a bar in Sturgis, SD where I tried deep fried steak tips. WHOOOO!! Yum Yum Yums! Since then, I’ve been pretty obsessed with it. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a legit food critic, but I figure I should share with you the greatest places I find simply in support of local businesses. One of the best parts about traveling is trying food in strange places and so far it has been a blast! Also, I would like to apologize in advance for my novice photography skills. I am trying to teach myself some basics and am saving for a DSLR. 🙂 So, here is a basic list of some of the things I am hoping to try while I continue this Culinary Passport:

  • Pit Barbeque
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Beignets
  • Tamales
  • Chocolate Croissants
  • Bloody Mary topped with food
  • Fishbowl sized Margarita
  • Gumbo
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
  • Pho
  • Rabbit
  • Mission style burrito
  • Chicago style pizza in Chicago
  • Creme Brule
  • Chocolate Souffle
  • Shark
  • Cronut
  • Fondu

Healthy & Fit

As you may have guessed by the title, I will also be posting quite a bit about health and fitness. In the last two years, I have really fallen in love with health and fitness. To explain that a bit, let me just quickly tell you my weight loss story.


In January of 2014 I had just had my second child and was very overweight. I am 5’8′ and weighed 193 pounds. Before I had kids I was around 145 pounds, but not at all healthy. I never paid much attention to what I ate and never even considered working out. Physical activity has never been held in high regard in my family so I avoided it all costs through junior high and high school. I had no idea where to even begin to lose the weight. So I started with Pinterest. I started researching how to eat healthy and how to exercise correctly. I didn’t really start dropping pounds though until I wrote down my own “Rules” for eating. I began with doing moderate body weight workouts at home 4-6 days a week (about 30 minutes) each session, drinking a ton of water, and eating lots of veggies. In January of 2015 I had lost 40 pounds and joined the YMCA to take a whack at strength training. I put together my own workouts from reading what worked for others on Pinterest and started going to the Y four days a week with my girls in tow. It was the perfect set up because they loved going to the childcare and playing with all the other kids. So for 12 weeks I did that and reached my goal weight of 145 pounds with a body fat percentage of 25% which I’m sure is the fittest I’ve ever been in my life. I felt amazing and looked pretty great too 🙂20151215_175647

    Unfortunately, in June of 2015 we had to make our first big move with the rig from South Dakota to California. In all of that madness I started slipping up hardcore. I was neglecting my workouts, not eating nearly as healthy, and letting stress and depression get the best of me. So here it is, 6 months later and I’ve been back on the bandwagon with health and fitness for about 2 months and loving it. To the right are my current Rules. (I update them every time I feel myself falling back into laziness) I have also gotten back into journaling again (following the path of “bullet journaling” this time) and have so many big goals and plans for 2016. This is my year!! I will be keeping record of my progress fitness-wise because I am going to push myself this year. I want to try new things and hit a new Personal Record for Body Fat Percentage. If any of you out there are looking for an accountability partner or just looking to make friends with someone who has similar goals, feel free to reach out to me. I will be here kicking butt 😉