Our RV Home


Our  RV Home! (His name is Gus)


Living Room (the coffee table set up is temporary until Nick builds me a fold-down table)


“Mud Room”


My Kitchen


Kitty Loft (in progress)


Master Bedroom (with all my kitties taking a nap)




The Girl’s Room

We bought our beautiful, fifth wheel Toyhauler at the end of March 2015, we found it online and it was perfect for us! A lovely family with 3 kids had been living in it for close to 3 years and made quite a few cool modifications on it. The two best being installing a full size bathtub and on-demand water heater (my favorite feature). Upon buying it, we immediately began to make changes such as taking down the headboard above the master bed and all the window coverings, we did leave up the day/night blinds, but will probably be removing them soon. The first big project for Nick was turning the built in dresser into a double computer desk. I went to school for Medical Transcription and he has a deep love for a PC game called Guild Wars 2, he is an officer in his guild, so personal office space was a must for both of us. Luckily the dresser was the perfect height so he removed the drawers and all the extra wood, leaving the top and framework. He used a piece of that wood in the middle as backup support. It works perfectly for us.


Our command center

The next thing he did was build a more steady ladder for the loft. Our loft is mostly for the kitties, but we do use a side of it for storage. He had to build it to jut out far enough that we won’t have to take the kitty tree down every time we use the ladder.

Most recently, Nick removed the dinette for me. We had a coffee table built by Nick’s grandpa in storage so for now we are using that and pillows for dining, but we are planning to build a fold down table in a few weeks. Getting rid of the dinette definitely opened up the main living space and we are loving it!

The girls room (garage) was modified by the family before us. The carpet and cabinets were installed by them for their children, they had also left behind a bunkbed that we did use for awhile, but we ended up removing it in order to create more play-space for the girls. The curtains were made by me and Nick while he was teaching me how to use our sewing machine.


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