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We are a full-time RV family originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota with a passion for adventure and learning. About six months ago we were given the news that Nick would have to go to California for school and initially that meant leaving me and the kids alone in South Dakota for three months. The idea of that was horrifying for all of us since our two daughters are very young and adore their daddy. So we decided that even though we would probably have to take a hit financially, we were going to figure out a way for all of us to go with him. The first thought to go through my head was renting a house or apartment at the new location (boy, that was an expensive thought!), but the idea of packing the entire house and moving just to do it all again three months later was exhausting in itself. At that point the answer hit me like a Mac Truck—An RV!! If we bought and moved into an RV, both moves (and for that matter, any future moves) wouldn’t be nearly as stressful since all we would have to do is unhook and go! Why didn’t I think of this before?! If I had known how much I would love living in an RV I would have done this years ago. Since then it has become so much more than a convenience move. We have developed a passion for getting the most out of life and since we are not tied down to a conventional house, we are doing it!



Being a stay-at-mom, I run the house. My husband calls me “The Plan Master” 🙂 I have so many interests, it’s hard to keep track, so keep in mind that this is an Everything Blog. I thoroughly enjoy planning, research, writing, adventuring, and self-improvement in general. I feel the most alive when I’m making my dreams become reality. Becoming a mom has really caused me to look at my own childhood and realize how much hard work my parents put in to make it happy and memorable. As a child of divorce, there were many ups and downs, but having two families made my life interesting. All three of my parents are amazing and adventurous in different ways, but it’s their demonstration of hard work that has really stuck with me. My childhood was filled with all kinds of adventures simply because my parents knew how to make things happen. The “hard work mentality” seems to be more and more scarce with each generation and I want my girls to have it. I want them to grow up seeing that your life will be what you want if you are willing to put in the work required to make it that way!



My super bestie <3 He is seriously the smartest person I know. We have been together for almost six years and his intelligence never ceases to amaze me. Most of the changes made on our RV have been done by him with minimal know-how. He figures out how to do things in his head and then does a bit of research to make sure he’s doing it the most efficient way. When we met, he introduced me to the concept of self-sustainability (which honestly never really occurred to me) and it has become one of my biggest interests. In the weeks to come, we are gonna be experimenting with growing our own food and reducing the amount of energy we consume i.e. switching to solar energy, less TV-more outside time, trading in our minivan for bicycles. We hope to one day buy a house on some land and build a completely self-sufficient homestead. Since meeting we have embarked on some awesome adventures, but the greatest being Parenthood. He is a wonderful daddy and seems to be happiest teaching the girls new things.



Little Miss Independent. He favorite phrase is “Me big kid, me can do stuffs!”. She has just started to really absorb information and loves learning. Her favorite part of the day is Learning Time where we spend time together with her pre-school workbook. She won’t start real pre-school until next year so for now we are practicing the basics. She likes pre-writing the most and is getting very good at it. She also adores kitties and dressing up like a princess.



My little explorer. She gets into everything! She definitely has that adventure bone. Every time I turn around she is investigating something new (and usually something off limits). She doesn’t really talk yet, but I’m almost positive it’s because she doesn’t want to 🙂 pretty soon she will be talking nonstop like her big sister. She is in love with Winnie the Pooh and books.



My big sweetie!! She is my oldest “baby”. We rescued her about a year before we had Sophie and she plays big sister to the kids and the kittens. She loves sleeping on my pillow and walking all over my folded laundry.


LeeLoo & Lola

The newest editions to our family. They are currently 5 months old and so ridiculously adorable. We adopted them in Las Vegas in the middle of our move out to California. LeeLoo is very social and Lola likes to be left alone, for the most part, but they are both very sweet.

What to expect:

  • RV family life
  • Indoor container gardening
  • Adventuring
  • “Culinary Passport”
  • Parenting
  • RV modifications

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