RV Bathroom Remodel

I cannot believe I haven’t done a post since April! Wow! We sure have gotten busy!! So much has happened in the last six months, but I will cover more of that every week from here on out. Pinky Promise!

So I went out shopping with the kids one day and came home to find that my husband had ripped down the walls of the shower. Needless to say, I was shocked. I could not understand why he would do this so randomly and all he said was that it had been bothering him for awhile.

This project took a solid 4 months to complete, which seemed like forever. It took so long because Nick works full-time and we spent the entire month of July on a cross-country road trip (yes, I will definitely be posting about that later!).

So here is what the shower looked like in the beginning:

It was fully-functional, but the caulk kept cracking and the walls were poorly applied as you can see from the clearly visible glue lines underneath. Another reason we wanted to remodel was because I wanted to replace the showerhead with one of the water saving “Oxygenic” ones.

Here is a picture that was taken after Nick started removing the walls.

Part Two: Rebuilding the frame of the shower

I was surprised that building the framework came so naturally for Nick. He had to do minimal research and made all of the storage more useable in the process. He even built the linen cabinet shelves into the wall slanted at an angle so the towels won’t fall out every time we move anymore! yay!

He also rebuilt the cleaning supplies cabinet so that there was more space for my stuff, creating 2 extra ledges that are 3 inches or so in width where there would have been wasted space.

Once the frame was up, the process was stalled due to the road trip. This was frustrating for me, honestly, because it meant that we were coming home from vacation to a torn up bathroom, but he got the walls up and finished the remodel within a month of returning home.

The only trouble we had beyond that point was the caulk. We struggled to find a caulk that didn’t crack once there was weight in the tub, which lead us to discover that the floor dips with the weight of the tub. Nick fixed this problem by putting this expanding spray under the tub that hardened and currently supports it nicely.

The finished product:

The new showerhead is amazing, by the way!

More RV Remodel posts to come:

  • “Laundry Room”
  • Loft
  • Master Closet
  • Living Room Slide Out
  • “Recycling Center”

Thanks for reading, guys!

March Mini-Adventure: Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town

Now, just to clarify, we originally went to Sacramento for the weekend so I could do the Peace, Love, Run 10k. I got my shirt and number, I was all ready to run, but I turned my alarms off in my sleep and we missed it!!! UGGGGG!! Still mad about it.

20160325_140712The best part about the weekend was the trip out to Fairytale Town. If you are in Sacramento with kids, you cannot miss this place. It was basically a giant playground. All the areas were different with slides and climbing equipment.

20160325_143216There was a small fee to get in, but it was definitely worth it! The kids had so much fun and were totally worn out by the time we left. The best part was Owl’s Treehouse. They literally went up those steep stairs and down the slide like 12 times before I said we had to move on.

20160325_133052Only downside was that they had snowcones and I didn’t get one. :'(


The kids also really enjoyed staying in the hotel. I swear the hotel room was as big as our house!! We all stayed up until 11 pm watching Rocket Power (hadn’t seen that show in like 15 years!!)


Despite the disappointment of missing my race, it was a great little family getaway!MONDAYS

P.S. More of our pictures from each adventure get posted to our Instagram, come follow our adventures there for daily updates! πŸ™‚

Strength Training at Home! *dumbbells needed*

Strength Training from Home


So, I wrote this strength training workout plan up for one of my super besties. Upon completing it, it occurred to me that like 3 other people have asked me to help them create workout routines in the last year so I figured I would throw this out there for anyone else that is interested in Strength Training at home.

Many people think that you can only do strength training at the gym and the gym IS great because they have equipment that most people can’t have at home, but when I first started out on my journey, I wanted nothing to do with exercising in public. Now, I just prefer working out at home, most of the time, because I don’t have to go anywhere and my shower is like ten feet away when I’m finished πŸ™‚

Keep in mind that most of this workout uses your body weight so you have to put serious effort into it and I recommend looking up proper form for these exercises before beginning to avoid injuries.

For maximum results:

  1. Work hard!
  2. Post-workout protein is essential.
  3. Have fun *I do these types of workouts while I’m feeding my Netflix habit ;)*

If anybody has ANY questions, message me on Facebook! I would love to help you either build your own workout or answer questions you have regarding this one.

P.S. Don’t forget to stretch before and after!

Mid-Week Poll: Selling Online

Selling Online

We have decided to start doing a mid-week poll on our blog! Yay! We are mostly doing this because on a daily basis I come up with things that I would like opinions on and with our blog making us tons and tons of new friends, I figured this would be the best way to do that! That being said – feel free to comment here on the blog with your answers or anywhere else that you see our polls such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. We would love to hear what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

That being said – feel free to comment here on the blog with your answers or anywhere else that you see our polls such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. We would love to hear what you guys have to say πŸ™‚

This week’s poll is about selling homemade products online. We are asking this question because, of course, I have come up with another fabulous idea (I am thinking of new ones faster than I can write them down!) and though I am not yet ready to reveal what it is, I will hint that it is in the realm of planning, reading, notebooks, and stationery.

As many of you know, selling through third-party sites like Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay require you to pay extra fees. These fees are applicable even if you do not sell. However, I feel like they do deserve consideration because of their massive traffic capabilities and because they make your products easily searchable.

On the other hand, I like the idea of selling our products through our blog because it is more personal and we could avoid those extra fees. I also like the idea of selling our products online because it would be another way for us to connect with our readers and friends.

What do you think?!

If you are already selling online, we would love to hear how you do it and how it is going for you.

Kid’s Indoor Activities: The Small-Space Edition!

gourmet dishes _ craft foodbeer & wine _ artisanal dessertsOUTDOOR MARKET _ live food demos

I don’t know about you guys, but here, in California, it has been raining ALOT in the last few weeks (this last week was surprisingly dry though – woohoo!). This has had me scrambling to come up with fun and interesting things for Rosie and I to do indoors.

Now, Pinterest is an amazing place where you can find a multitude of awesome kid’s activities, but I was noticing that many of the best ones required a large space to work with. We do not have that. I found myself wondering what some of the other small-space dwelling moms come up with in these situations. So I asked them! Here are some of the best that I found.

Crazy Family Adventure

FamilyPicatMountWashburnThis incredible family of six originally inspired me to believe that my family would love full-time RVing as well. They travel the country in their motorhome and absolutely love it! Bryanna told me about a few of their go-to indoor games and the one that really stood out to me was their “Storytelling” game. She describes it as having the kids answer a bunch of questions that will create the story, such as “Is the character a boy or girl?” “Where are they?” “What are they doing?” and then mom or dad (or both) tell the story. Another way they play this game, is to take turns telling pieces of the story to create something completely unique and extraordinary. I tried this with my older daughter and she had a blast! This is a great indoor, rainy-day activity because it encourages closeness in a fun and silly way!

This family has the most incredible adventures! They can be followed at:Β  Their Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram

Haff Ass Farm

IMG_0194Tennyson, with her husband and little Jasper, lives in a Tiny Cabin!! So cool, right?! They run a small-scale farmstead where they grow and make things traditionally.Β  Tennyson tells me that they use Waldorf-inspired activities to keep Jasper entertained when the weather requires them to stay indoors. They like to bake bread together! Tennyson said “its a great way to introduce math to children and it lets them get the opportunity to learn through a tactile method. And at the end of the day, they get to contribute to dinner and eat something they made. It is a great confidence builder and a way to make your little one feel as though they have a big role in the family”.Β  You are so very right, Tennyson! We will be giving this a shot ASAP πŸ™‚

You can follow the Haff Ass Farm’s awesome farming endeavors at: Facebook Instagram

Lil House On The Highway

12784480_10156630437540444_1423081661_nAbigail from Lil House On the Highway, with her husband and their two small children, are full-time RVers as well. Abigail says that her kids love Trains! No matter how small your house is, there is always room for a train track of some size and Trains are so cool.Β  This suggestion was revolutionary for me because getting a train track had never crossed my mind. We are going to surprise Sophie with one for her next birthday. Unfortunately, with the ever-changing technology providing kids with screens for every occasion,Β  Trains are going out of style. This is incredibly sad and I say we bring Trains back into fashion! Whose with me?! πŸ™‚

Follow Lil House on the Highway’s adventures: Facebook YouTube Instagram

12694547_10153274908847793_841334106053472939_oFor our family, we spend quite a bit of time playing dress up when we are cooped up inside, but I think “The Toywash” is our most favorite indoor activity. Whenever the kids start to get antsy about being inside, we gather up all the hard toys and toss them in the sink with some warm water and bubbles. This activity keeps them busy long after the water goes cold. Another go-to activity is “Where’s Bear?”. Both of my girls have a bear that is their best friend so we take turns hiding the bear somewhere. It’s like Hide and Seek πŸ™‚ Anything that involves water or bears is always a big hit in our house.

Finding awesome indoor activities for kids who live in small spaces can be challenging at times. This is why it is so exciting when we think of something new and interesting for our kids to do.

What kind of games do your little ones play when they are stuck inside? I would love to hear about it!


Planning Tips! 3 Ways to Become a Daily Planner

Planning Tips

Do you have trouble keeping track of everything? Me too! This is why planning is so essential to my sanity. I can’t stand it when I forget or misplace important things. As I said in my previous journaling post, bullet journaling is really amazing! For those of you who decided recently that you want to be a planner but have a hard time sticking with it, consider these little tricks to help yourself become a better planner.





1. Keep your planner where you see it all the time!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it didn’t even occur to me for the first few months of planning. I would update it whenever I could, but many times I would forget to do household tasks.

Once I put my plannerΒ  up on the kitchen counter, my productivity level went way, way up! I keep mine up on this little wire shelf so that it is safe from spills or any other kitchen mishaps.




2. Identify your weaknesses or things you want to change.

Daily planning is about more than just remembering appointments and tasks. If there are certain goals that you want to reach or habit changes you want to make, write them down. Take the opportunity to write down how you will change these things as well. I keep all sorts of goals. I have sections for “Long-term Goals” like my 5-year and 10-years plans and I also keep weekly goal lists to help me stay on track. If I don’t write things down, I won’t remember to do them until I no longer have the time.

20160228_0843403. Set aside 10-30 minutes every evening to get the next day’s plans written down.

This is the most important piece! My planning time is the most relaxing part of my day. I usually settle into bed with a cup of tea and spread everything out around me – planner, colorful pens, washi tape, stickers, and the book I’m gonna read when I’m done. Taking the time to plan the night before can make all the difference in the next day. Even if you think you don’t have time, you can always find an extra 10 minutes. It’s worth it, I promise!!

So for those of you who have been asking me how I stay on track with planning, here it is! Make it fun and fall in love with planning! All it really takes is a notebook and some colorful pens to maximize your everyday productivity! πŸ™‚ good luck!

Fairy Falls Family Hike


After that first family hike out in Nevada City, Sophie’s favorite phrase for days was “Can we go on another adventure, please!?” So at the suggestion of our friend De’Etta at Courageous Joy, we decided to try the Fairy Falls Hike since it is only a few miles away and she had detailed instructions on how to find it on her blog (link at end).


Fairy Falls 1

Now when I originally read the post, I didn’t notice that she said how long it was because I was concentrating on directions to the parking spot. This hike was extremely challenging for our little ones, but it was so worth it!!


Fairy Falls 3

It was a gorgeous day – sunny, but not too hot! The hike was incredible because the scenery changes like every mile! You spend quite a bit of it walking down a dirt road.


Fairy Falls 23 Fairy Falls 21

Little Rosebud fell asleep while being carried on the way out there. This made the trip even more challenging. We considered giving up before we even reached the falls, but we decided to make peace with the fact that we were going to end up carrying toddlers, instead. I’m so glad we did!

Fairy Falls 7



Fairy Falls 2Once past the long dirt road, we came to a metal gate. At this point, we started passing people. Quite a few in fact. The gate led into a cow pasture. This was really interesting for the girls because the cows were so close to us. Nick and I were nervous though so we held them and tried to give the cows a decent amount of space as we passed them.


Fairy Falls 8Fairy Falls 9About a mile later, we came to a small sign that stood at the juncture of 3 paths. We decided to take the middle one because, by the looks of the sign, all 3 led to the falls. This middle path was beautiful, but the hiking was rough at points. There was a point when we were pretty much crawling along the path because it was very steep and slanted into a ravine.

Upon clearing the deeper woods, we found ourselves on an open trail. This was the last stretch to the falls. It sure was pretty!!


Fairy Falls 10

We still do not know if we were at the top of the falls or the middle.


Fairy Falls 17Fairy Falls 16

Unfortunately, we did not reach the bottom of the falls, but only because the rest of the trail was carved into the side of the hill and it was not fenced. It looked a little too dangerous for a 2 and 3-year-old.



Fairy Falls 14Fairy Falls 13

We ate our lunch at the spot right next to the falls and played on some of the rocks by the fenced area. The girls loved it!! I would really like to tackle this hike again someday when the kids are much older.


Overall, this was an awesome trip to despite how challenging the hiking got at certain points. Sophie is already begging to go on another adventure!


Fairy Falls 19

Our friends at Courageous Joy have perfect directions to this spot that can be found here. πŸ™‚ Thanks, De’Etta,Β  for suggesting we try this hike!!

Fairy Falls 6Fairy Falls 20

Culinary Passport: Lefty’s Grill – Nevada City, CA


On our trip out to Hirschman Trail, we wore ourselves out from all that walking and chasing toddlers so we decided to grab some food before we headed home. We went driving around Nevada City, looking for something delicious. Now initially, due to the lack of parking options in town, we were unsure of what we wanted to do. I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever carrying change so meter parking was out of the question.

Lefty’s is right off the highway in the coolest looking house right over a little creek. I was drawn to it by the huge staircase on the backside of the house (unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good picture of it because Rosie fell asleep on me. Next time I will!). There just happened to be ONE parking spot in the lot across from the place so we decided to give it a shot.

Wow!! Yum! It was a little fancier on the inside than it looked from the outside and I was a little nervous about it at first. I tend to stay away from fancy places usually if we have the kids with us, but we were starving.


“The Lefty”

My burger was amazingly delicious! Seriously! I had always wanted to try a burger with a fried egg on it, I was not prepared for that! Bacon, egg, beef …..yummmmmm!!

20160209_153443“The New York Dip”

Nick picked this one and forgot to tell the waitress no onions, but we were not disappointed by the sandwich at all!! I am usually not a fan of onions, but those carmelised onions were to die for. Also, we took half of this one home (cause the Lefty burger was huge and filled us both up quick!) and heated it up in our convection oven. It was just as delicious with the bread all super crispy.

The kids really liked this place too because they had big coloring pages and crayons to keep them busy while they waited to steal all of our fries πŸ˜‰

Overall, loved this place! We will definitely be keeping it in mind for our next date night. I would like to check it out during their prime time.

Nominated for the Liebster Award!!


Hey! πŸ™‚ So I was nominated by WOMANPULSE for the Liebster Award! How exciting right?!

It’s an award given to new, up-and-coming bloggers, by their bloggie buddies to basically say “Keep up the good work!” and it’s a way to make connections with other bloggers on the rise. This is very encouraging for me because as most of you know, my blog is still trying to launch off its little feet.

So the Rules of the Liebster are as such:

  1. Thank your bloggie buddy for nominating you
  2. Share the award on your blog and social medias
  3. Answer the ten questions you were given by your nominator
  4. Nominate 10 other new bloggers that you admire
  5. Notify your nominees via social media

The questions my nominator asked:

Coffee or Tea?Β Β  Coffee!! I would never get out of bed without it!

Where do you find your content ideas?Β  Every day life. My kids give me quite a few ideas from our day-to-day adventures.

What is your favorite blogging tool?Β  Grammerly!! It saves me from looking stupid on a daily basis.

Where do you see your blog going?Β  I would like to see my blog connecting me to fellow adventurous parents around the world and possibly serving as a source of income in the future.

Who is your favorite writer? Golly, that is a tough one. ummmm…..ok, lets call it a tie between Stephen King (because he’s been a fav since middle school) and Milan Kundera because his work is mind-blowing!

What is your best quality? My determination. Without it, I would have just stayed nose-deep in a book, where I am the most comfortable, forever.

Facebook or Twitter?Β  Facebook. Twitter is not my favorite at all.

Who motivates you? Why?Β  My kids, because I want them to see that you can make your life into anything you want if you work and plan hard enough.

How has bogging changed your life?Β  It has given me back my passion for writing. In fact, shortly after I started blogging, I decided to pursue a career in Freelance Writing. Between the two, I feel like I am writing constantly…..and I love it!

What are your top 3 blogs for reading?Β  My 3 favorite blogs to read are Gone With The Wynns, Courageous Joy (these guys are actually my neighbors right now!), and Boho Berry.

My nominees:

The Big Red Patch House

Sum of My Pieces


Nerd Cracker

Be The Proof

Just Me, Marcy

Tea Time Mom

Family Travel On A Shoestring

Jade Jane Russell

Doing It All – Obsessed

Your questions:

  1. What got you into blogging?
  2. Are you and introvert or extrovert?
  3. How many blog posts do you create in a given week?
  4. What is your biggest passion in life?
  5. What social media platform is your favorite to promote your blog?
  6. Do you have a 5-year plan? If so, what is it? If not, why?
  7. Where would your dream vacation be?
  8. Who is your biggest Bloggie Hero?
  9. Do you generally stick to following one type of blog or do you follow different theme blogs?
  10. How happy are you with how your blog is going so far?

Thank you so much, WOMANPULSE for nominating me! πŸ™‚


Don’t Wake The Kids Workout

Don't Wake The Kids Workout

Do you struggle to find workout time in your busy life too? Lately, with my Freelance Writing business taking off and keeping up with social media for my blog, I have been neglecting my fitness a bit. I do not feel right if I go more than 2 days without a workout and last week I let myself skip workouts for 4!!! Not cool, Chelsea! Since I am always soΒ  busy, it seems like the only time I get during the day when I’m not busy is during Rosie’s nap time. So I created this Quiet workout. It really works all those muscles and gets me sweating with just two rounds!! (so i usually go 3) Just repeat according to your own fitness level πŸ™‚

For maximum results:

  1. Push Yourself! If you think you can only do 2 rounds – try for 3
  2. Drink at least 16 oz a half hour before you start
  3. Get that protein in after – greek yogurt, turkey lunch meat, or a hard-boiled egg are my go-to protein snacks
  4. Put on your favorite show or some music. It goes so much faster if you are half-distracted from the burning muscles. I literally can’t workout if it is totally quiet!

I hope this is helpful! πŸ™‚ Please consider subscribing to our blog if you haven’t yet!